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Paracord reflective, green #r3025

green #r3025
green #r3025
green #r3025
Paracord reflective, green #r3025
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Breaking Force:


4 mm

High Quality Nylon and Reflective Yarns

550 lbs (250 kg)

Rope Sleeve is 29 nylon and 3 reflective stands
Core contains 7 core threads

            Paracord - is nylon cord which was initially used by the American air forces. Thanks to its simplicity and multifunctionality it conquered the market of tourists and enthusiasts.

            Nowadays Paracord is an indispensable thing in daily life, camping or hiking. It is widely used in the manufacturing of clothes, bags, sub-bags strings, bages, vests, functional and original accessories. Thanks to its multifunctionality and reliability paracord can be used on a daily basis, in tourism and for military needs.

            There are several main types of paracord: paracord 750, paracord 550, paracord 100 (minicord), and microcord.

            Pay attention to reflective paracord. Thanks to the reflective threads it is easy to see at night if being lighted. 


            Reflective paracord will show you where to look whether for lost keys or pet. It is also very useful on the campsite territory. Stretch it around and you will never fall down in the dark.


            A special feature you need to know about is the material our string made of. Original American paracord consists of 100% nylon. Chinese analogs are less reliable and durable.

100% Paracord is:

  1. Durability
  2. Multifunctionality
  3. Simplicity and reliability
  4. High load on the break
  5. Resistance to ultraviolet
  6. Waterproof
  7. Pleasant to a touch

           Our company provides original high-quality American paracord for the markets of Ukraine and Europe. Our products are affirmed by the international certificate of quality (ISO 9001) and C.D.C certificate which is really needed if you are up to tender or export.

           A few reasons why you should choose our company:

 - Ukraine is closer to EU than the USA or China so we are able to respond your orders much more quickly.

 - shipping is cheaper and faster.

 - picture samples of our products can be sent to you if needed.

 - if your website is capable of hosting a high number of data on it, we can fill up the information for you. All you need is to load a file on the sites database.

 - we offer OEM options, thus you can push your own brand on the EU market.

 - we also provide different equipment that could be of interest to your target audience. Those are: survival bracelets, lanyards, safety cords for guns, knives, flashlights, etc.

          OEM option is available for these products as well.

          Thanks to the international experience and pleasant environment we work with textile industry, building companies, military and touristic stores, travelers and hikers.

          FIBEX is widely known out of Ukraine and our manufacture power allows us to produce large orders for a short time.